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KMOBATEVA offers a comprehensive solution for the installation of a living water swimming pool. From the profiling and planning of the pool, integration of additional systems, installation of the natural system, technical support, maintenance, and warranty.


Key Advantages


KMOBATEVA pools are easily integrated with the architect's original design.

100% Natural

Healthy, clear living water – with no chemicals whatsoever.

Works in All Climates

Automatic response to weather changes and user overload. Water remains clear and healthy even in hot weather.

Cost-Effective Solution

Low energy consumption, no additives, minimal system maintenance, and pool water that serves as an excellent irrigation source

tech_sketch (Credit_ Eyal Refaelov).jpg

Installation Steps

  • CONCEPT & PROFILING A general project outline based on the customer's vision and budget in collaboration with the house architect: Pool dimensions and location, pool surface profiling, operating method (skimmer or overflow), and integration of additional pool systems. 

  • TECHNICAL DESIGN & PLANNING A detailed simulation of the pool structure and KMOBATEVA system implementation. Planning includes system components, inlets, overflow channel location, pipe size, pipe location, and systems integration.

  • CONSTRUCTION The construction team builds the pool frame by the approved blueprints. This includes pipe laying, pool fittings, cladding, and preparations for inserting the KMOBATEVA system. 

  • INSTALLATION Installation of all pool systems according to the natural pool planning, Pool operation, and performance check-up.


Once the pool is filled with water, the KMOBATEVA system will be set up to optimize performance. Now you can enjoy the pool of your dreams: a 100% chemicals-free living water pool, just like in the purest natural spring.


Custom made natural pools

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