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A pool in the desert

This pool, located in the Israeli desert, is the ideal sustainability pool. This is a perfect example of combining KMOBATEVA’s systems with the international company COMPASS’s pre-fabricated pool.

Compared to a concrete pool, this solution offers significantly lower costs and shorter planning, production, installation, and construction time. All this without compromising on the quality of the water.


Pool size

9L, 4W, 1.5D


Additional systems

Contra current swimming device, heating, safety cover, connection to the garden irrigation.


Operating method

Skimmer in overflow


Main feature

The perfect sustainable pool


Ceramic carbon

The pool was established in 2022 and is a perfect example of the ideal sustainability pool. COMPASS’s carbon ceramic pools enable short construction time, which is very suitable for already-built houses.

The process is simple and efficient. Before planning the pool, we meet with the client and characterize the needs to plan the details accurately. Then we prepare a detailed plan according to Compass’s requirements. Compass receives our plans and manufactures the pool accordingly so the natural system works optimally.

After the pool is manufactured in Europe and transported to the desired location, we install the natural system and all other pool systems.

The pool can be installed with all standard systems: a heating system, a balance tank, a Contra current swimming device, and an automatic safety cover recommended by KMOBATEVA. Of course, all the standard systems are integrated perfectly with the KMOBATEVA Living water system.

Pool maintenance is simple and easy. All you need is a pool robot and the correct use of the cover.

The combination between Compas and KMOBATEVA produces the ultimate pool. Short construction time, significantly lower project cost compared to a concrete pool, and, most importantly, a natural pool with living water, Like the purest spring in nature, that maintains water quality all year.



Eyal Refaelov


ליאור טייטלר, איל רפאלוב, צוות כמו בטבע

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