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KMOBATEVA is an innovative company that develops unique and robust purification technology for living water swimming pools. The KMOBATEVA cutting-edge system ensures pure living pool water and unprecedented microbial-safe operation all year round, in all climates – including warm weather.

Custom made Natural pool

Collaboration with leading pool companies enables a comprehensive solution for installing a living water swimming pool.

 PLUG & PLAY Natural pool

Cooperation with Prefabricated pool manufacturing partners enables the integration of KMOBATEVA systems at the early stage of pool production.


Natural Pool Advantages

The Best Living Water Solution

Sustainable pools with healthy living water that protects our health and environment.

100% Natural

Healthy, clear living water – with no chemicals whatsoever.

Works in All Climates

Automatic response to weather changes and user overload. Water remains clear and healthy even in hot weather.

Cost-Effective Solution

Low energy consumption, no additives, minimal system maintenance, and pool water that serves as an excellent irrigation source.

Pool Types

Pool Types

Common questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Living Water?

Ancient scripture defines Living Water as water in their most natural state. This water – which includes constant circulation across the entire water surface and high oxygen levels – can only be found in the purest natural springs.

In Living Water, biological conditions are often stable and well-balanced – creating an optimal swimming environment. At KMOBATEVA, we are inspired by nature to create healthy living water swimming pools. To ensure the best possible water conditions, we apply additional protection mechanisms such as accelerated water circulation, UV sanitation, bio-purification and particle filtration. In addition, our Living Water is always fresh and chemical-free, with no residual materials whatsoever.


Our mission is to fulfill this poetic idea, which is rooted in the wisdom of ancient times, in a modern and professional manner.

What is the difference between KMOBATEVA’s Living Water pool and other natural swimming pools ?

In most cases, natural pool solutions are pools without chemicals that are operated by the wetland method - plant basins adjacent to the pool. Our living water swimming pool differs from these pools  in two main operating principles:

  1. Our pools do not need a plant basin and can look like a "normal" pool.

  2. Our operating method is more efficient than basin pools and achieves better results in terms of algae prevention and water quality.

Does KMOBATEVA develop its own technology?

Of course. KMOBATEVA operates an active R&D department, which relies on collaborations with consultants from various fields to enhance its systems and introduce new developments. KMOBATEVA also manages one of the most advanced research environments of its kind, which includes three living water pools used for solution testing, data collection and knowledge enhancement.

Does the water have color?

No. The water in our pools is crystal clear. 

The color of the pool reflection is determined by the surrounding lighting conditions and the color of the internal cladding (pool surface).

What are KMOBATEVA's Living Water pool guidelines for pool planners & installers?

  1. Concept & Profiling
    A general outline of the project, based on the customer's vision and budget: pool volume, climate, pool cladding, operating method (skimmer or overflow) and more. 

  2. Technical Design & Planning
    A detailed simulation of pool structure and KMOBATEVA system implementation or pre-construction approval. Planning includes system component, inlet and overflow channel location, as well as pipe size, pipe location and plug & play operating kit. 

  3. Construction
    The construction team builds the pool frame in accordance with the approved blueprints. This includes pipe laying, pool fittings, cladding and preparations for the insertion of the KMOBATEVA system.

  4. Installation
    Installation of the KMOBATEVA system, as the final step prior to filling the pool with water, and after all construction has been completed, pool surface and pipes have been cleaned, and all other pool systems have been installed. 

  5. It's Pool Time!
    Once the pool is filled with water, certified technicians will operate the KMOBATEVA system to maximum capacity, in order to execute a thorough inspection and tune the system to optimal operation. During the first 6-10 weeks, the pool's bio-system and algae prevention capabilities will gradually mature.

I already have a pool. Is it possible to install the KMOBATEVA system?

KMOBATEVA specializes in converting a chlorine (or salt) purified swimming pool into a living water swimming pool. The conversion strategy differs from pool to pool, and requires a preliminary inspection. In some cases, it is possible to simply replace the existing system with a KMOBATEVA system. In many other cases, structural and plumbing changes are required.

What about algae and mosquitoes?

The water in our pool is in constant motion and therefore does not attract mosquitoes that prefer standing water.

Our biological filter together with sensible use of the pool and basic maintenance will prevent the formation of algae.

What happens when many people enter the pool at once?

KMOBATEVA's monitoring & control system ensures continuous supervision and control that are essential for optimal pool system operation: Automatic filter rinsing when filter approaches clogging levels, initiated pre-programmed filter rinsing, automatic water level control, increase of flow rate as a response to increased turbidity and decrease of flow rate as soon as turbidity level returns to normal. These components ensure optimal performance, regardless of the number of people in the pool.

Is it necessary / possible to add vegetation?

Unlike most living water pools that include wetlands that consume additional space, in 'KMOBATEVA's system plants have no role and are not necessary.

On the other hand, it is possible to add suitable aquatic plants and even fish without interfering with the proper functioning of the system.

How is the maintenance done?

Living water pool maintenance is easy, simple and profoundly different from chemical-based pool maintenance. That's what happens when you take chemicals out of the equation. 


At KMOBATEVA, we developed a detailed maintenance manual for our dedicated technicians and partners. The manual is divided into two main sections:

  1. Technical Maintenance: KMOBATEVA's system is based on a low-pressure operation and self-cleaning features. KMOBATEVA recommends conducting 2 annual preventive treatments that include a general functionality inspection of all parts, limescale removal, bio-chip refreshing, UV systemburner replacement (every 18 months) and worn part replacement (rare).

  2. Clean-Up Maintenance: KMOBATEVA recommends conducting a 1-hour professional inspection on a weekly basis. Some pool owners will prefer performing this inspection by themselves. Inspection tasks include:

  • Pool-cleaning robot inspection, operation and cleaning 

  • Cleaning & maintenance of pool surroundings 

  • Water clarity inspection and monitoring  

  • Leaf removal from filters and pipes

  • Occasional scraping of the pool's most sun-exposed spots

How is the pool’s water quality monitored?

KMOBATEVA's M&C system ensures continuous supervision and control that are essential for optimal pool system operation.


  • Automatic filter rinsing when filter approaches clogging levels

  • Initiated, pre-programmed filter rinsing

  • Automatic halting of pump and UV system burner activity during water level reduction, for protection of system components

  • Automatic water level control

Monitoring Actions:

  • Pump malfunction alert

  • UV system burner malfunction alert

  • Filter activity / rinsing log malfunction alert

All alerts are immediately sent to both KMOBATEVA's monitoring center and pool owner.

What happens if someone urinates in the water?

The KMOBATEVA biological system cultivates nitrification bacteria that break down the organic matter in the water. Urine is a favorite "food" for nitrification bacteria that eliminates it efficiently and quickly. This is in contrast to what happens in a chlorinated pool when chlorine reacts with urine and produces stinging acids that cause, among other things, redness and eye discomfort.


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