Natural Pool Experience

Unlike all other natural pool solutions, KMOBATEVA's breakthrough patented purification technology ensures optimal operation in warm climates. Tried and tested in Israel's warm weather, KMOBATEVA is one of the only systems that can be installed in a standard-size operation room (no wetland necessary). 

Natural Pool Advantages

The Best Living Water Solution

Sustainable pools with healthy living water that protects our health and environment.

Ideal for All Climates

The system automatically responds to weather changes and user overload. Water remains clear and healthy even in extremely hot weather.

100% Chemical-Free

Healthy, clear living water – with no chemicals whatsoever.


Low energy consumption, no additives, minimal system maintenance and sustainable irrigation for surrounding gardens.

Robust Support

Our in-house R&D center provides online support, detailed protocols for installation and maintenance, and system updates.

Flexible Design & Simple Installation

The system requires a standard-size operation room. No wetland or additional space. Infrastructure needs are similar to common chlorine-based pools.

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Since its establishment in 2017, KMOBATEVA has installed several private swimming pools throughout Israel, which is an extremely warm climate country.

The pools are monitored year-round and have displayed unprecedented performance in terms of microbial conditions, stability and water clarity.

KMOBATEVA's system is based on technology developed and perfected by a team of experts from multi-disciplinary backgrounds.

The company operates an active R&D department, which relies on collaborations with consultants from various fields to enhance its systems and introduce new developments.

KMOBATEVA also manages one of the most advanced research environments of its kind, which incorporates solution testing, data collection and knowledge enhancement.



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