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Blue Zen Pool

The BlueZen pool in Turin, Italy, established in 2022, is the first BlueZen pool. BlueZen is the Kmobateva Italian brand - the fruit of our collaboration with Piscine Solaris, an established pool construction company based in the north of Italy. This large concrete pool was built by Piscinas Solaris with Kmobateva's zero chemicals operation systems.


Pool size

13.5L, 7W, 1.5D


Additional systems

Heating, safety cover


Operating method



Main feature

A pool in the heart of the yard



The pool serves as the beating heart of the house. Family members enjoy the pool not only by bathing and wading in it but also by sitting near it and relaxing.

The pool is heated in the winter and protected by a safety cover - the simplest, most reliable, and recommended by KMOBATEVA. The safety cover keeps the pool heated in the winter, allows protection from sun damage in the summer, and prevents the accumulation of organic materials in the pool.

From the day of operation until today, the pool has not been emptied for maintenance because it is unnecessary.

The pool was built by Piscinas Solaris with Kmobateva's technical supervision for optimal integration of the KBT living water systems. 



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