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Our Pools

Boutique Garden pool

Built in 2018, this is a 7x3 meters Perimeter overflow pool designed by architect Tal Tamir. The pool and covering systems were carried out by 'Aquapoolco', and KMOBATEVA is responsible for the planning, execution, and maintenance of the natural system. The family 'discovered' KMOBATEVA at almost the last stage of the pool planning and decided to convert the operating system to a natural one. They have since witnessed a significant change in their lives.


Pool size

6.5L, 3W, 1.25D


Additional systems

Slats pool cover


Operating method

Overflow 360


Main feature

A pool converted from a chlorinated system to a living water one


Basalt tiles

The owner grew up in a house with a chlorine pool, and he remembers the feeling of burning eyes, skin irritation, and the need to shower and rinse every time he left the pool. He says it is not comparable to the KMOBATEVA experience. The guests and friends who visit admire the pool and experience the unique feeling of immersion in living water.

All the house members spend much time in the water, and even though they installed an outdoor shower near the pool, they don't need to use it after the dip.

The family finds the maintenance convenient and straightforward and cares for the pool themselves.

From the date of operation until today, the pool has not been emptied for maintenance because it is unnecessary. KMOBATEVA maintains the pool systems during a biannual visit, and the rest of the simple maintenance is done by the gardener, who takes care of the entire garden.

KMOBATEVA conducts microbial tests for this pool at least once a year. In all tests, the pool was found to be in optimal condition. The pool water was found to be safe to drink in all tests.


"I think that it is the big wow of KMOBATEVA. Once you go in, smell the water, feel it, and see its clarity, you realize there's something else here."

"I grew up in a house with a chlorine pool, and I remember the feeling of the burning eyes and the smell and the fact that after a certain time, you already have to get out because you feel you are in some chemical mixture... With KMOBATEVA, infants are safe in the pool's water. You know the water is clear and clean.״



Lior Titler, Eyal Refaelov


ליאור טייטלר, איל רפאלוב, צוות כמו בטבע

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