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Classic Mediterranean skimmer pool

The Classic Mediterranean skimmer pool, surrounded by a pastoral Galilean landscape in a solar energy electricity-based house, was activated for the first time in the spring of 2018. The pool was designed and integrated with the joint planning of the owner and KMOBATEVA. It is a 3.5x15 size pool - a size that allows pleasant swimming, and its average depth is 150 cm. On one side of the pool is a platform that also serves as a storage room for the pool's dedicated equipment. The owner is a creative artist who advocates precision and simplicity, reflected in the planning, details, and result - a perfect combination of simplicity, beauty, and connection with the environment.


Pool size

15L, 3.5LW, 1.5D


Additional systems

Heating, safety cover


Operating method



Main feature

Simplicity, functionality, accuracy, integration in space


Moroccan tadelakt plaster

The pool's low electricity consumption is essential to the homeowner for reasons of operation (a solar power system feeds the house) and sustainability (saving water). Since the day of operation, it has been connected to the irrigation system of the pleasant garden. The system draws the water needed for irrigation from the pool, and the pool fills automatically and completes the level.

The pool's interior surface is covered with 'Tadelakt' Moroccan plaster suitable for natural operation and blends harmoniously with the surrounding landscape.

From the date of operation until today, the pool has not been emptied for maintenance because it is unnecessary. KMOBATEVA maintains the pool systems during a biannual visit, and the rest of the simple maintenance is done by the gardener, who takes care of the entire garden.

The pool operation is done with a skimmer, an efficient and simple method.

The pool is heated in winter and protected by a safety cover which maintains the temperature in winter and in the summer allowing protection from sun damage and preventing the accumulation of organic materials.

KMOBATEVA conducts microbial tests for this pool at least once a year. In all tests, the pool was found to be in optimal condition. The pool water was found to be safe to drink in all tests.



Lior Titler, Eyal Refaelov


ליאור טייטלר, איל רפאלוב, צוות כמו בטבע

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