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family pool

The Pre-fabricated family pool is the first COMPASS pool (a carbon ceramic pool) operated with KMOBATEVA's system. The model is a COMPASS skimmer pool - FUN100, 4x10 with an average depth of 1.5 meters, covered with ceramic carbon. The body of the pool was installed by Kabin company, and KMOBATEVA is responsible for the planning, installation, and maintenance of the natural system. The pool's systems are connected to the garden's irrigation.


Pool size

10L, 4W, 1.5D


Additional systems

Safety cover, preparation for heating


Operating method

Under with skimmer


Main feature

COMPASS carbon ceramic pool combined with KMOBATEVA systems


Nova blue Gel coat

The cooperation of KMOVATEVA with COMPASS brings a high-quality and efficient solution to the world of living water swimming pools. The pool comes ready from the factory with the infrastructure for the natural system and is installed quickly and efficiently in the yard.

This pool is the first to combine KMOBATEVA systems and is an excellent proof that this combination lowers costs, optimizes the construction process, and ensures optimal water quality and minimal maintenance.

The owner, who holds a senior position in water solutions, was impressed by the KMOBATEVA systems and expressed high satisfaction with the water quality.

The couple enters the pool daily and hosts family members who enjoy a sense of security in the healthy water environment, knowing that the children are not exposed to chemicals and bathe in clean water.

From the day of its operation, the pool is connected to the irrigation system of a large garden area. The water, enriched with Nitrate, benefits the mango, avocado, citrus, and lychee trees. As with most of KMOBATEVA’s natural pools, the system draws the water needed for irrigation from the pool, filling automatically and completing the level.

KMOBATEVA conducts microbial tests for this pool at least once a year. In all tests, the pool was found to be in optimal condition. The pool water was found to be safe to drink in all of the tests.


"When the grandchildren are in the pool, I feel more confident that they are in healthy water without chemicals. When the little one drinks the water unintentionally I don't have to worry about toxins entering her body. So what? She drank some water... there's no problem.'

"We knew we wanted a pool and thought that in Israel there were only pools with chlorine or a natural pool with plants inside, and we didn't want that. When we heard that there was a natural pool without all the plants, we were very interested, Because we don't like chlorine and chemicals. I don't know anyone who likes chlorine."



Eyal Refaelov


ליאור טייטלר, איל רפאלוב, צוות כמו בטבע

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