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Compact countryside pool

The "Compact countryside Living water pool" is based on an overflow pool system equipped with a countercurrent swimming device and connected to the garden's irrigation. The pool was originally built by another company and was converted to a KMOBATEVA system after its construction. The owner is an industrial designer who shares inspiring insights with us. Like in all KMOBATEVA pools, the water is 100% Living Water, without chlorine or other chemicals.


Pool size

6L, 3W, 1.7D


Additional systems

Water supply for irrigation system of the garden, counter current system, slats cover


Operating method



Main feature

A pool in the heart of the yard


Turquoise mosaic

The pool is based on an overflow system with a countercurrent swimming system installed. It has a long stone step along the pool. The cover is black slats cover.

The pool water is used to water the land around the house.

The members of the house operate the pool themselves. Arnon is an industrial designer who shares with us many insights, some of which are ideas for new developments.

The underground balancing tank paved with colored mosaics created by Arnon is also a special gem.


“Personally, I have a hard time with chlorine, especially the feeling in the eyes. I was looking for something healthier and that's how we met KMOBATEVA.”

"We really like the pool, it's fun, it's beautiful, in the summer the kids love to jump in and have fun. I really like to refresh myself in the water as well, especially because it is good and healthy.”



Lior Titler


ליאור טייטלר, איל רפאלוב, צוות כמו בטבע

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