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Our Pools

Concrete family pool

The Concrete family pool, established in 2020, is a precise and functional pool with a small balance tank, one side overflow system, a wide paddling surface, and a deeper part that allows swimming. KMOBATEVA designed the pool from start to finish, and the construction was carried out by a contractor on behalf of the client and according to KMOBATEVA’s design. It is surrounded by a relatively large garden irrigated by the pool’s enriched water, which is better for the plants than the normal irrigation water.


Pool size

9L, 3W, 1.2D


Additional systems

Heating, safety cover


Operating method

Under + vanished edge


Main feature

A pool in the heart of the yard


Turquoise mosaic

The pool serves as the beating heart of the house. Family members enjoy the pool not only by bathing and wading in it but also by sitting near it and doing yoga, meditation, and even homework because of its calming presence.

The pool is heated in the winter and protected by a safety cover - the simplest, most reliable, and recommended by KMOBATEVA. The safety cover maintains the pool heated in the winter, allows protection from sun damage in the summer, and prevents the accumulation of organic materials in the pool.

From the day of operation until today, the pool has not been emptied for maintenance because it is unnecessary.

KMOBATEVA maintains the pool systems with a biannual visit, and the Family does the rest of the simple maintenance.


“People today are more aware of their health and well-being. It is important for everyone the desire to add healthy habits into our lives.”

“The children are in the water for hours, and there are no red eyes, skin burns, or chemical smell. Every day they spend time in the pool, enjoying themselves and playing with friends. The pool is the center of the house.”

Nathan and Limor


Eyal Refaelov


ליאור טייטלר, איל רפאלוב, צוות כמו בטבע

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