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Cooperation with selected Prefabricated pool manufacturing partners enables the integration of KMOBATEVA systems at the early stage of pool production. Hydraulics for water treatment are installed in the pool׳s body at the manufacturing stage in the factory. That ensures Lower costs of planning, production, construction and installation.

Our partner’s prefabricated pools come with a high service orientation and enable a premium experience at surprising prices, with the possibility to choose between pre-fabricated pools of different sizes and shapes. 


Key Advantages

The cost of the projects

The cost of the project is significantly lower compared to a customized pool.

Short construction time

Saves time on construction and installation in the field.

100% Chemical-Free

Healthy, clear living water – with no chemicals whatsoever.


Seamless integration with other pool systems

Covers, heating solutions, contra current device, and more.

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Installation Steps

  • Before planning the pool, we meet with the client and profile their needs.

  • We prepare a detailed plan and implement the requirements in the pool body.

  • The prefabricated pool manufacturer receives our plans and manufactures the pool accordingly, assuring optimal operation of the natural system.

  • Preparations are being made on-site for in-ground installation.

  • When the infrastructure is ready, the pool is transported to the site for installation.


  • Quick installation of all pool systems.


All that remains is to enjoy the pool and take care of it. The maintenance of the pool is simple and easy - An integral part of casual garden maintenance.


KMOBATEVA PLUG & PLAY is the ultimate pool: Short construction time, significantly lower project cost, high sustainability values, and most importantly, a real living water pool with no chemicals whatsoever, like the purest spring in nature, that maintains water purity all year long.



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