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Microbial safe operation in Living water pools

In many places in nature, we can find living water that has maintained fresh and stable Microbial qualities for millions of years. Imitating nature through advanced technologies and water treatment can make the swimming pool water the most reliable water source at your home complex.

Woman relaxing in a Living water container pool. Dog sits outside
Kmobateva 0% chemicals container pool

Inspired by nature, we've developed a purification system for swimming pools, which maintains the quality and clarity of the water just like in the purest springs of nature. Without the use of chemicals, without algae formation, and in all types of weather - even in hot desert climates.

These days, we are involved in the maintenance, construction, and planning of successful projects in warm countries.

Those familiar with swimming pools may feel it sounds too good to be true. To deal with the skepticism, we've decided to share some insights from experiments we've conducted.

Continuous microbial safe operation monitoring: In 2017-2022, we conducted over a hundred microbial tests in living water pools to detect pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria in our pools. The tests were taken in different seasons, randomly and without prior preparation of the pools. 100% of the tests showed that the water is suitable for swimming according to the EU Recreational Water Quality Criteria for natural swimming pools. In the vast majority of the tests, we found that the water in the pools was good for drinking and even better than tap water.

The system's capabilities in removing pollutants: Dr. Vladimir Glukhman, Ph.D. - a senior microbiologist, tested the recovery capabilities of Kmobateva pools from severe pollution. An e-coli bacteria test tube was emptied into an experimental pool operated by Kmobateva systems. The experiment results, which we repeated at different temperatures, showed that Kmobateva systems remove heavy pollution from the pool within an average of 4 hours. This means you can safely swim in a Kmobateva pool less than a day after heavy contamination without emptying the water. For comparison - if such contamination occurred in a chlorinated pool, it would have been necessary to empty the pool or use a "chlorine attack" (extreme pool poisoning) while taking increased precautions.

In a time of climate change, the responsibility for the quality of water used at home is increasing. Kmobateva is committed to continuing the research and using insights from the swimming pool world for further developments.


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