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How does a Living Pool System works?

Many people are interested in knowing how an ecological Living water pool system works, or in other words, “How does the magic happen?”

Woman diving head first into an ecological clear living water pool
Torino Living water pool

To answer this question, we must first understand the idea behind KMOBATEVA's ecological system, the guidelines we follow, and what exactly we have managed to create.

The main inspiration for our water treatment system is the purest and healthiest water fountains found in nature without any artificial intervention. The water in these pure water fountains is referred to as “living water.” The ability to mimic nature brought us to create a water treatment system that lets you enjoy a living water pool in your own backyard.

Three main features characterize living water fountains:

- Oxygen-rich water

- Constant water movement

- Biologically and chemically balanced water

Now, what remains is to explain how we can mimic these ideas using innovative technology and creative thinking.

Our water treatment system consists of these main features:

- Particle filtration using an auto-clean filter

- A biological cell contains a bacterial colony that feeds off of organic waste

- A UV sanitizer that purifies the water and prevents any pathogenic development

- Variable speed eco pump that Optimizes water flow and energy consumption

- A smart control box that monitors and controls all system components, creating a synchronized, seamless operation and alerts when there is any malfunction

- All the water treatment procedures happen inside a low-pressure system that creates constant water movement and optimal exposure to oxygen.

Our knowledge and experience allowed us to create an ecological and economical water treatment system that completely replaces the need for chemical usage to treat your pool.

0% chemicals

0% health risks

100% inspired by nature


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