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Say Goodbye to Chlorine Pools: Benefits of Switching to Ecological Living Water Swimming Pool

For decades, humanity has been using chlorine as a disinfectant in swimming pools. Suddenly, we dare to say that it's time to move forward, maintain the quality of our water and our health, remove chemicals from the equation, and swim in freshwater.

Girl swimming underwater in a chlorine free living water pool
Chlorine free living pool

But what is so bad about chlorine pools? Why is it so essential to remove chlorine from swimming pools?

Here are some main points to think about:

  • Chlorine is bad for those who come into contact with it. A direct link was found between chlorine in pools and the development of asthma among children, the chances of getting cancer, eczema, hair damage, eye damage, and damage to the skin's natural immune system.

  • Chlorine is harmful to the environment. More than 30 million chlorinated pools are operated in the world. The water is diverted from those pools to infrastructure as part of the cycle. This massive amount of poisoned water eventually returns to nature and contaminates our most valuable resource.

  • Chlorine produces a dangerous and toxic industry in factories, transport, and treatment. Many operators encounter the poison in lethal concentrations before it even reaches the pool.

We have a responsibility for the health of our loved ones and for protecting the environment. The implications of all this are enormous in a world where the climate crisis changes our perception. Our goal, above all, is to protect the environment and our health as part of a global trend of maintaining water quality. We are facing the future, and we invite you to take part. It's time to open your eyes.

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